Gerrit Klay founded Klay Law Firm in 1898 after gaining experience with the firm of Hutchinson and Van Oosterhout. Gerrit, who never attended law school, was a widely respected trial lawyer. He was joined by his son, Teunis E. “Deacon” Klay, in 1915 and the two practiced together until the elder Klay’s death in 1939. Upon returning from overseas duty after WWII, Earl T. Klay became a partner with his father in 1947. After “Deacon” Klay was appointed an Iowa District Court Judge in 1955, Earl practiced alone until he was joined in 1962 by Norman Bastemeyer. Norman practiced with the firm until 1985 when he moved to Des Moines to assume an appointment to serve as Ethics Administrator for the Iowa State Bar Association.

Loren J. Veldhuizen joined the firm in 1971. In 1985, Loren established a branch in neighboring Alton, Iowa, by assuming the practice of District Court Judge Edwin L. Mitchell who was appointed to the bench that same year. Since 2008, Loren has practiced at the Orange City location. Loren retired from active practice as of 12/31/2011.

Bradley K. DeJong joined in 1983 and practices in Orange City. In 1989, the Klay Law Firm merged with the Larson, Bindner & Skinner Firm from Paullina, Iowa and Roger Bindner practiced in both offices until his retirement in 2007.

Tisha M. Halverson joined the firm in 2005 as an associate. Tisha became a partner in the firm in July 2007.

Kley B. Dejong joined the firm in September 2015 as an associate. He became partner in the firm in 2022.